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If you want to play casino games on the Web, we have compiled the selection of the best online casinos for you. This selection is based on promotions, bonuses, security, cash out options, reputation, software robustness, graphics, customer service, game diversity and the overall respect of the player. We update the our top recommended online casinos on a regular basis.

  Rank Casino Special Bonus Offer Payout Rating    
  1 800% Welcome Bonus up to $8,000 97.95%
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  2 300% Welcome Bonus up to $3,000 97.91%
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  3 400% Welcome Bonus up to $4,000 97.82%
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  4 350% Welcome Bonus up to $3,500 97.76%
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The whole truth about online slot machines in the Internet casino

Of course, in order to enjoy the game and feel the master of life, you need to be sure of the result. And to do this, you have to understand the underlying mechanisms of online slots games.

So, a little history. A long time ago, must have been before the world, the slot machine was a terrible monster with a few drums inside. It is these drums and decided the fate of "jerked the rope," that is turning the handle. Their final disposition predetermined the outcome of the game. In slots online the mechanism is different. We will see it on examples of top online casinos and their online slots.

Today, advances confidently sweeping the planet, so that the slot machine is now intermarried with the computer and called online slots. And the fate of the player is decided by a small processor, located inside machine. In turn, the game is displayed on the screen, which gave occasion to call slot machines the next generation of online slots.

However, all of the above are long-known facts. But the relationship between slot machines and top casinos online, in particular, online slots, is not so evident. And the principles of online slots mechanism are not so clear. It gives us a reason to carry a small educational program.

So, at the dawn misty youth of slot machines, everything was easy. The smaller symbols on the reel - the greater the chance of winning combinations. And, accordingly, vice versa. Plus an important role has played a balancing drum. How to play online slots? What are the basic tips? Let’s see.

Today, the privileged to distribute gains and losses is entirely on the conscience of the software of online slots. Outcome of the game decides your computer, and the result is simply displayed.

Nowadays, online slots universally displace real counterparts - machines with three reels and one - three pay-lines. Just turn to online casino review sites and you will see, how the system works.

It is clear that by playing online casino, you take all machines like online slots. Here, it is essential the following observation: the percentage of wins and losses in online slots is determined only by the program. Therefore, virtually independent of the appearance and characteristics of a particular machine design. All this is nothing more than a wrapper bright candy, luring players to play online slots.

Bonus games on online slots - something predetermined and does not depend on the tactics of a particular player. It is sad, but true. Its only purpose - to give the customer a break from the endless series of spins and feel himself a master of the situation.
Unfortunately, this feeling is illusory. Bonus games at online slots for you personally do not change anything.